Our Team


Erika Wannigman

Owner and Instructor

Erika Wannigman knows learning anything new as an adult can be intimidating, so she is passionate about encouraging her students to take a committed approach to learning dance without taking themselves too seriously. She is creative in developing different ways of learning dance, using fun games and innovative exercises to help facilitate the retention of complex steps. Her wonderfully curated playlists add to the energy in each class.


Sabine Ibes

Argentine Tango Specialist

Sabine Ibes has been dancing as long as she remembers; She started focusing on Argentine Tango in 2003 after she was captured by the fluid movements to magical music.  The Classes that she teaches are well balanced, creative and fun. She is very keen on the fact that the student has to feel comfortable while dancing. A relaxed body and mind will create a confident connection, so the partner feels safe.


Deanna Constantine

Dance Instructor

Deanna strives to make classes fun and easy so all her students experience success!  She follows in the footsteps of her parents, the renowned MN dance instructors Dean and Mary Constantine.  She gained much of her teaching experience instructing with them, and incorporates into her classes their philosophy of making learning to dance attainable by even the most reluctant of students. Deanna grew up surrounded by dance and spending much of her childhood learning ballroom dancing and training in Russian classical ballet. She has been sharing her passion for dance ever since by conducting classes in communities throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.  

DeMur Dance (231) copy.jpg

Angela DeMure

Latin Dance Specialist

Born and raised in MN, Angela has been dancing since just after high school, and it has become a lifelong passion. She lived and taught overseas in Spain, and has travelled extensively for dance congresses and performances.  Angela believes that variety is the spice of life and her dance career has been a zig-zag from salsa and Latin, to hip hop, to belly dance, to Brazilian samba and back again.  Her dance passion is smooth body isolations and subtle yet sexy styling with a unique quirkiness that will leave people smiling!

Shaleena 3.jpg

Shaleena Bonnell

Latin Dance Specialist

Shaleena has been dancing since the age of two. Everything from tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, swing, to eventually...salsa. Salsa has become her ultimate passion. "I love that salsa is a social dance...it is a style of communication between the leader and follower. The leader leads, and the follower has to live in the moment by carefully following every movement of the leader! I can travel all over the world and dance ("communicate") with hundreds of people I've never met to these beautiful rhythms (without even saying a word). It's such an invigorating and exhilarating experience." 


Myrna Little

Zumba Specialist

Myrna Little is a Zumba enthusiast and is excited to bring her love of dance, fitness, and music to the community.  She became passionate about Zumba in 2008 and obtained her instructor certification in 2013.  She offers a balanced combination of dance and fitness moves with thoughtfully curated music to provide a highly enjoyable class. 




"I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Erika Wannigman and the daytime program she leads. A few weeks ago I walked into Erika's class with no formal dance training and really with no dance experience at all in the last 25 years! I had only a passion to dance.  I was concerned how difficult it would be to learn dance, how expensive it would be to take classes, and how self-conscious I would be.  Erika has eliminated each of these concerns and has turned me into a joyful dancer!

Erika is a delightful and positive instructor who can easily demonstrate both the leader’s and the follower’s moves. She tracks what each dancer is doing, keeps the rapt attention of the group, and provides individual encouragement. The camaraderie and sense of community is palpable.   Erika’s daytime program aligns perfectly with my schedule and the fee is reasonable for me.   Everyone in the class and, indeed, all the people at gatherings I have attended these past few weeks have been friendly and inspiring. I feel part of the community.  

I am eager to learn so much more from Erika. She makes everything so much fun!  If you want to investigate dance as a new or a reawakened hobby, or to improve the dance level you are already at, I wholeheartedly recommend Erika Wannigman as your dance instructor. She is AMAZING!"

-Mary C.

"Erika is a wonderful dance instructor.  When I started taking private and class lessons with Erika, I had limited dance training and no music training.  She changed me from a scared person with no confidence into a motivated dancer.  She has an amazing discernment of what I need to work on.  Her smile when I get the step right is all I need to know that I can do better.  She makes her classes fun by her enthusiasm, patience, and by always adding something new: a step, technique or pattern.  Her students are all ages and sizes and at different skill levels.  She can handle it all.  I highly recommend anyone with or without dance experience to take a class with Erika."

-Larry P.

"I have been dancing (as a very low vision person) with Erika for at least two years, and I am excited about all the awesome dance moves I have learned from her.  She is not only a great instructor, but a friendly girl.  She is kind, patient, and oh so lovely, with a personality to match.  And. did I mention?  She sings to me while we're dancing.  Where she goes, I will follow!"

-Diane O.

"Daytime social ballroom dance classes are the BEST!  I started attending Erika’s daytime classes in May this year, and now I can’t imagine how I survived without them!  I have enjoyed learning new patterns, meeting new dancers, and getting dance exercise during the day.  Regardless of what level you are as a dancer, you will get value out of Erika’s classes.  She explains things in a way that is easy to understand, gives us plenty of time to practice, uses great music in class, listens to questions and answers them effectively, and has an easy pace that is just right for any dancer.  All this being said, its just plain FUN!"

-Donna B.

"Thank you so much for teaching us how to dance! You were a comfortable and encouraging teacher, and we were able to have a first dance that we never thought we could before. We felt confident and had so much fun, and our guests said they really enjoyed seeing us dance."

-Leah and Joe

"I've been taking group lessons and private dance lessons from Erika Wannigman for over 4 years.  I have learned a tremendous amount of basic and advance moves and styling for a wide variety of dances, such as west coast swing, nightclub 2-step, waltz, salsa, rumba, foxtrot and tango.  She is very professional and always patient and positive with all of her students.  I especially have appreciated it when she has organized social dance outings at local dance venues for her students, which have always been well attended and very fun for everyone.  I would highly recommend Erika to anyone who wants to learn to partner dance or wants to expand and enhance their dancing skills.  She's awesome!"

-Joyce H.

"Just a note to say how much I enjoy your classes. They have literally changed my life. I looked forever for a class where I did not have to make a commitment and didn't need a partner.  As a flight attendant all the classes I found were impossible. The fact that you don't need a partner (there seem to be plenty), you can come at your convenience, and that they are during the day make them perfect for me. A very special thank you from your biggest fan. "

-Joan P.

"If you want to compete on Dancing With The Stars, do not take dance lessons from Erika. If you want to be the best social dancer you are capable of becoming, Erika is the perfect teacher for you. While she is fully capable of teaching advanced styling if that is what you want, she doesn’t impose styling on anyone.

My husband and I have been taking private dance lessons for the past six years.  We have had opportunities to work with half a dozen of the best teachers in two local dance studios. Erika is extraordinary even among these teachers for her skill in conveying exactly what each of us needs to make a dance ours. She sees everything – everything we’re doing well and everything that needs improvement. Her techniques in coaching those needed improvements are almost infinite. After two years with her we are still surprised and inspired by her approach to specific situations during our weekly private lessons.

In addition to private lessons with Erika, her group lessons are the best we have had in either of our studio experiences. Her lessons are meticulously planned and demonstrated to build on foundation skills without intimidation while affording ample challenge to more experienced dancers. And just as during private lessons, she sees everyone and everything during a class. Patient, practical, tactful, inspired communicator and skilled dancer, Erika is a truly gifted teacher of dance."

-Helen M.

"You gave one dancing lesson to our daughter and her fiance so they could learn to dance at their wedding. They did a perfect job at the wedding thanks to you."


"I have taken classes from Erika since 2012 twice a week. These are day classes: swing, foxtrot, waltz and tango. It is very convenient and affordable to dance during the daytime.
But most important is that Erika is a great teacher and a dancer. She is inventive, energetic and creates festive spirit in each class. Her teaching method is well structured and organized so that after each class students have new skills, learned new moves and felt a lot of joy dancing.
Erika has an individual approach to each student and does not let anyone leg behind.
Dancing with Erika will make your life fuller and happier."

-Michael P.

"Erika is a great instructor.  She always does it with a smile on her face with a magical way of creating an atmosphere great for learning.  Erika's classes focus on lead follow communication, which enables you to do the moves on the dance floor.  She has the ability to break down combinations into understandable structures.  Erika has a range of alternate moves that she can substitute if someone has a physical impairment.  When you start taking her classes you may quickly find that it is the best part of your day."

-Justin L

"Dance has been a fulfilling adventure for me over the past few years, thanks to Erika Wannigman, my instructor. Each week she carefully prepares new dance patterns we add to our repertoire. Her enthusiasm and spirit create an exciting hour of fun and enjoyment, shared among many friends and fellow students at the studio.  Her classes are designed for all levels, beginner and intermediate. 

Erika provides something for everyone, a proverbial menu of different dances. Many of her students are there each day learning Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Tango, East Coast
Swing, Night Club 2-Step, and my favorite, West Coast Swing.

She always has a smile on her face as she dances with each person in the room, providing personalized advice and encouragement. And one can see the enjoyment in the faces of the many dance partners as we share the moments together.

I encourage everyone to stop in and begin a new adventure. It does wonders for
your mind, body and soul."