July Class Schedule

Daytime Classes are $8  or 11 for $80 and are 50 minutes in length.

Evening and Weekend Classes are $15 or 10 for $120 and are 50 minutes in length


Demure Dance:

7pm  Salsa 1&2

8pm  Salsa 3&4


11am Level 1-2 Waltz

12pm Intermediate Waltz


6:30pm Mixed Level Country 2 Step

7:30pm Couples Slow Dance $80/couple 4 week series

8:30pm Couples Swing Dance $80/couple 4 week series


11am Level 1-2 East Coast Swing

12am Intermediate East Coast Swing

Tango and I :

6:30pm Beginners level Argentine Tango

7:30pm All Levels Argentine Tango

8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Argentine Tango


11am Intermediate Salsa/Cha cha

12pm Intermediate Foxtrot

Demure Dance

7pm Level 1 & 2 Salsa

8pm All Levels Bachata

9pm Level 3/4 and Intermediate Salsa


10am Level 1-2 West Coast Swing

11am Intermediate West Coast Swing

12pm IntermediateNight Club 2 Step


July 26th Couples Date Night- 80’s Edition

7:30pm-9pm $25/couple


Tango and I :

10am Beginner Argentine Tango

10am Technique: Argentine Tango

11am-1pm Practica: Argentine Tango