Daytime Dance

Fostering a sense of community is central to The Flying Pig.  We understand that everyone has different needs from their dance community. For some students, the program is crucial to their daily routine, while others drop in when they have a break from their busy schedules. Some dancers want to dance for an hour to get away and “let loose,” while others develop friendships that exist on and off the dance floor.

Daytime Dance Goes Out On The Town!

The Flying Pig knows that taking dance skills outside the studio can be intimidating, so part of the Daytime Dance Program includes optional arranged meet-up times to go out dancing to live music as a group. These are great opportunities to practice the steps learned in class and get to know classmates better. 

Hear what Students are saying about Daytime Dance:

 “Erika is a GREAT teacher in a fun and welcoming atmosphere that keeps me coming back. I love the daytime drop-in classes! Lots of teacher attention.”

-Tina S.

"Daytime social ballroom dance classes are the BEST!  I started attending Erika’s daytime classes in May this year, and now I can’t imagine how I survived without them!  I have enjoyed learning new patterns, meeting new dancers, and getting dance exercise during the day.  Regardless of what level you are as a dancer, you will get value out of Erika’s classes.  She explains things in a way that is easy to understand, gives us plenty of time to practice, uses great music in class, listens to questions and answers them effectively, and has an easy pace that is just right for any dancer.  All this being said, its just plain FUN!"

-Donna B.

"Erika is a wonderful dance instructor.  When I started taking private and class lessons with Erika, I had limited dance training and no music training.  She changed me from a scared person with no confidence into a motivated dancer.  She has an amazing discernment of what I need to work on.  Her smile when I get the step right is all I need to know that I can do better.  She makes her classes fun by her enthusiasm, patience, and by always adding something new: a step, technique or pattern.  Her students are all ages and sizes and at different skill levels.  She can handle it all.  I highly recommend anyone with or without dance experience to take a class with Erika."

-Larry P.

"It’s been over 4 years since I started to take classes from Erika.  I love that Erika also offers day time classes: no traffic and a nice break from a regular work day.
I also love that Erika offers classes on a variety of dances and I have switched several times. She has a gift to teach in a way, that students with different skill levels can participate, learn and have fun.
Erika has the ability to break down very complicated moves into simple steps in a way that students of different skill levels can learn them.
Thank you, Erika for giving us fun experiences!"

Tatiana W.