Couples Dance Series

When you are learning to dance, most classes you rotate partners. We understand some couples are interested in learning to dance with their partner and not rotate so we created a Couples Dance series where you would be able to stay with your partner for the whole class.

Couples Slow Dance


In this 4 week series you will learn basic slow dancing with fun turns, dips, and tricks. Whether you want to impress your friends on the dance floor, or enjoy dancing at home to candlelight, we have you covered!

This class is perfect for couples who are new to dance and have two left feet or for seasoned dancer looking to ad some fun romantic tricks to your mix. We will have something for everyone!

Each month we will have different moves, so if you attend 1 month and want to learn more you can sign up for next months series and get a new set of moves to build off of the previous month.

*Partner required*

Couples Swing Dance Series- Tuesdays 8:30pm


In this 4 week series you and your partner will learn basic Swing dance. Swing dance is a fun, up beat dance that can be danced at weddings or many venues around the cities. No experience required!

Couples Event- Friday July 26th 7:30pm-9pm


Join us for an evening of dancing to 80s Love songs. In this 90 minute event you and your partner will learn some fun slow dancing moves followed by us dimming the lights and letting you dance the night away to 80s Love songs.

No experience required

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Couples Slow Dance- 90s love song edition
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