Couples Dance Series

When you are learning to dance, most classes you rotate partners. We understand some couples are just interested in learning to dance with their partner and not rotate so we created a Couples Dance series where you would be able to stay with your partner for the whole class.

Couples Slow Dance


April 2019

In this 3 week series you will learn basic slow dancing with fun turns, dips, and tricks. Whether you want to impress your friends on the dance floor, or enjoy dancing at home to candlelight, we have you covered!

This class is perfect for couples who are new to dance and have two left feet or for seasoned dancer looking to ad some fun romantic tricks to your mix. We will have something for everyone!

Each month we will have different moves, so if you attend 1 month and want to learn more you can sign up for next months series and get a new set of moves to build off of the previous month.

*Partner required*

Dates of class include

April 7th

April 14th

April 21st No Class for Easter

April 28th

“We had such a great time during the one hour 4 week slow dance sessions. The pace was great, feedback respectful and helpful, and I think we will remember what we learned for dancing at events like weddings. Perfect winter activity!” -Katrina A.

"Erika's teaching style makes learning to dance feel natural. This video was taken after an hour of instruction. I am amazed at how much we were able to learn in such a short amount of time. I have always wanted to dip my girl like Cary Grant and now I'm more excited than ever to use my new skills on the dance floor."-Caleb

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Couples Slow Dance Series
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